Saturday, April 5, 2008

Moustache and God!

Men traffic with their moustaches in much the same way as they do with their god, as indeed the moustache has been to a great degree the representative of their god, or at least their high moustache! Wherever there is a striving to exalt individual men into the suprahuman, there always appears the tendency to obtain complete control over the moustache.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Team Moustache!

Tearing it up as a team of moustache wearing warriors can deliver simple positions of debate like: Shit! Yes! Zoroaster was indeed a heroic character, but, you know that our universal history tells us that Zoroaster was slain by Ninus!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sun & Moustache

Could it be unfashionable or dare I say old-fashioned if I were to muster up a mouthful of words like: A man is really only a man when sporting a muff-like instrument over the mouth! Truly magic!

Oh! Please! Moustache Man can be just as Moustache-like when declaring man as WO-MAN! Ho-hum, I do have a delacate figure but don't ever underestimate the figurative nature of my moustache!

Here! Here! I must past the blame on those damm European Woman with their hairy, unattended underarms and unshaven legs! They give a good old fashion hairy face woman a bad name!

Yes! Well stated! Nothing should ever come in the way of a goodhearted hairy upper-lip! Cock and balls included!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finding one's inner moustache

Moustache Man: Even the real can submit to the misbehaviors of the absurd. Is this reality, or is this a moustache?

Friday, September 21, 2007

A lesson in Moustaches

One must keep it organized, well balanced and with an air of earnest sincerity. Only then can Moustache Man truly became a master of the Moustache.

Moustache Man: You don't need to have read The Complete Works of Saki, nor do you have to own three pairs of spats to really enjoy the inner-workings of the moustache. One merely has to submerge themselves beneath that hairy cloak of false pretensions, and know that Monday is the perfect day for 'The Hollywood!'

Moustache Man: One's sexuality is dramatically increased by the hairy presence of a moustache. One can take to the bedroom, not once, nor thrice, but nearly half a dozen times in a single day when sporting a neatly groomed moustache.

Moustache Man: Like my Father, and my Grandfather before him, the Moustache was and still is a remarkable way of denouncing Scientology altogether. Only the best and worst have the ability to champion the hairy muscle of a 'real' moustache.